Pilgrims Flock To Sex Mountain to Sleep with Strangers To Acquire Wealth and Luck

Are you familiar with a mountain that's named Kemekus? Mount Kemekus is popularly known as Sex Mountain in Indonesia, It gained its reputation when thousands of people flock to the mountain to make a regular pilgrimage to have sex with strangers.

Mount Kemukus or Gunung Kemukus (known as Sex Mountain) is a hilltop Javanese shrine in Sragen Regency, 28 kilometres (17 mi) northeast of Solo, where people from across Indonesia flock to honor a local saint. Every 35 days, rituals are conducted that involve adulterous sex.

Conservative Muslim groups have threatened to shut down the site in the past, but police arrived to prevent it. In November 2014 the governor of the province of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, reacted to a film by an Australian journalist, which had been broadcast by SBS One, that portrayed Mount Kumukus as 'Sex Mountain' and scandalized the local ritual practices.

He issued a ban on the tradition of engaging in sex at site; he said that the local practice was hazardous in terms of health - indeed, sexually transmitted diseases in the area are on the rise- and morality, and that it was shameful that the matter had attracted the attention of the outside world.

The ban which also prohibited renting rooms to pilgrims caused a collapse of ritual activities at Mount Kemukus with devastating effects to the local economy. The income of the 262 families, who live at Mount Kemukus, decreased by 90 per cent. Therefore most shops are closed and many families, who were never engaged in the sex business, have left the area.

Based on legend dating back to the 16th century, they believe seven visits and prayers to the adulterous prince Samudro will bring wealth and luck. - Wikipedia

Pilgrims believed on the mountain's legend that can be traced back to the 16th century, according to the legend,if you completed seven visits and prayers to the adulterous prince Samudro then you will be rewarded with wealth and luck. The mountain is known for its visitors and pilgrims who have sex with strangers in order to bring wealth, fortune and luck.
"Please grant me great financial good fortune… please give me lots of money to pay my debts,If I get lots of money, I'll go to Mecca, that's my ambition,"  - Mardiyah, Pilgrim
Mardiyah is just one of the many pilgrims who practices the said legend of Sex Mountain. They go to the mountain to have sex in hopes to get their much awaited wealth. What shocks anyone more is that many of the pilgrims are known to be married. It was said that if they cannot look for a person to have sex with, then that's the time they have to pay for prostitutes. Rooms by the hour are also for hire at the holy site.
"I don't tell my wife. There's no way she'll find out," 

The belief of the pilgrims in the Sex Mountain was reported be a Javanese blend of religious ideals. It is a mix of Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist influences. The mountain brings in a lot of money and it was also supported by the local government. To set the record straight, Not all Muslims are in favor of the said practice.
"The Islamic religion forbids it, but they don't want to know that, They're more interested in profit, they leave religion behind." - Professor Keontjoro Soeparno, Sex Mountain Expert
It is quite bizarre to hear that people flock to a certain mountain to have sex in order to gain wealth and acquire luck. The proliferation of this belief may be transcended to next generations and the answer to the question if the said belief of the pilgrims will ever end remains a mystery as for now.




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