NASA Accused of Hiding UFO Footage with the help of a Sticky Tape

It is a no-brainer that Apollo missions can be considered as space breakthroughs that remains to be used as referenced for future studies on space technology.

But what would you feel if there's something that was covered up? What if there's something in the space mission that was hidden from the public by NASA? A footage from Apollo mission depicts astronauts using duct tape to block view of a strange object. The footage led to NASA being accused of hiding the existence of a UFO.

The footage shows astronauts whacking a piece of sticky tape over the camera lens which blocked our view of the strange object being videotaped that time. A blogger claimed that the image showed "aliens viewing human history being made".

"Look at the detail of the ship, It's made by a species far more advanced than us and its design looks nothing like most of us would imagine it to be. It is beautiful." - Space Cadet 

Certain conspiracies led to speculations that NASA tried to prevent the public from identifying and have real knowledge about alien life. There are theories that the UFO may not only be an extraterrestrial creature but an Angel.


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