Man Arrested For Exposing His Self and Having Sex with a Mailbox

A man from Manchester, UK, has been convicted for having sex with a mailbox. A man named Paul Bennett shocked and disgusted passersby with his lewd act that he committed with a mailbox. The man was said to have allegedly pulled down his pants in the Scholes Precinct shopping arcade in Wigan.

The act started with him inappropriately holding his hands in the air while he repeatedly screamed out "wow" before pulling his pants back up and going on a nearby lamppost. Shocked passersby and a woman were witnesses to the disgusting act committed by Bennett.

The passersby called the cops to report Bennett. The police even found Bennett exposing himself in front of another nearby store. Police officers said that he is drunk and shouted/swore at them upon his arrest, according to the 'Express'. He got arrested and charged with two counts of indecent exposure and using threatening and abusive words with abusive behavior.

Paul Bennett's attorney, Martin Jones, shared to the court that his client understood that his inappropriate behavior left witnesses "ashamed, disgusted and upset." He pleaded guilty to all the allegations.

"My client accepts that, Clearly there are issues that need to be addressed." - Martin Jones

The court ordered Bennett to undergo alcohol treatment, and pay $75 as a fine to the woman who witnessed his mailbox sex session. He will need to register as a Sex Offender.


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