Flight Attendant From AirAisa Flight QZ8501 Left An "I Love You" Message Moments Before Her Death

Flight Attendant From AirAisa Flight QZ8501 Left An "I Love You" Message Moments Before Her Death

The recent air disaster undoubtedly broke hearts of the victim's families, their nation and also the whole world. The AirAisa flight disaster made headlines everywhere and one of those headlines will touch people's hearts even more. An Airasia flight attendant named Khairunnisa Haidar Fauzi, also known as Nisa sent her love from 38,000 feet two weeks before crash claimed her life through a picture posted on her Instagram account.

Two weeks before bodies have been recovered, The flight attendant posted a picture from a cabin window of the same airplane who took their own lives, The photo says “I love you from 38,000ft”, It was written on a napkin and it is assumed that the note is dedicated for her boyfriend named Divo, Unfortunately for Nisa and Divo, It looks like their love story ends with the disaster of flight 8501 as the body of Nisa has been identified by local media, who said her name tag was still pinned on her uniform when she was found. The families and friends of the first batch of dead bodies that were recovered are all devastated and in grief.

Though the real cause for the plane crash is still being investigated there were theories stating that the plane might have entered the water upside down, due to severe turbulence. Up to this day, the hopes for having a miracle such as being able to rescue a living survivor of the plane is still being prayed on.


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