Extraordinary Snake With Feet Captured In The Philippines

Extraordinary Snake With Feet Captured In The Philippines

Is there a new breed of animals that is slowly making its existence known by us? Are they a product of genetic mutation or only fabricated by our imagination?

People in a small town from Isabela, Philippines are in shock and left with awe at the same time as they were able to witness the existence of a snake with feet that resembles a lizard. The snake was discovered in Mallig, Isabela. It was caught by a local family from Baranggay Olango, the Gambol family.

The unexpected discovery of the snake with limbs all started when Noberto Gambol was cleaning their house. He sudenly noticed the snake crawling on their floor. The snake made its way to a cardboard which made it easy for Noberto to kill it.

Noberto was blown away when he saw that there is something unusual with the snake, it has a pair of limbs. Since then, neighbors spread the news as it aroused imagination and formed different theories about the snake's origin.

Amidst the various theories, a scientist concluded that the snake extraordinary appearance was due to genetic mutation. The snake with limbs is now being preserved by the Gambol family.


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