2015: 12 Big Geopolitical Events Predicted To Happen

12 Big Geopolitical Events We Think Will Happen In 2015

2015 is finally here and anyone can't help to look back on the things that took control of 2014. When you look back on 2014, it is easy to realize that 2014 is a year of shocking and life-changing events that would totally affect the coming years. 2014 is a year wherein Russia surprised the world as they took over Crimea. 2014 is also a year wherein ISIS shocked everyone with their threats and punishments to people who would not obey their orders. EBOLA also made huge headlines globally for the record-breaking deaths it gave to west african countries.

Everyone wants to hear what the New Year would bring to our lives and with the help of businessinsider, Let us check the big geopolitical stories of 2015:

Armin Rosen:

The Islamic State's control to Mosul will decline
Due to the successful US-Kurdish-Iraqi-Iranian attacks, they may stop the growth of the ISIS group but it is not an assurance that US totally defeated the feared group.

Chaos in Israeli Elections
The insurgent Gideon Sa’ar will barely fail to weaken Netanyahu as head of Likud, which leads to the Prime Minister to achieve his third term but in the toughest position of his political career. There will be negotiations from the clashing parties but it would lead to nowhere since there'll be attacks that will turn into a big chaos.

Gas deposits disputes in the Aegean Sea will build more tension between Greece and Turkey

The waters off of the north of Cyprus will get militarized which in return builds more tension between the two countries. In return, The countries involved will be facing a situation that will make them refuse to sanction Russia’s energy industry.

No nuclear agreement between the US and Iran will be made
The year will end with Ayatollah Khamenei turning down to commit on ant deals prepared by the US. The P5+1 will actually drop the demands for the disclosure of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps representation in the country’s nuclear program. This will bring failed results to Obama's biggest foreign policy initiative.

Famine grips the conflict-affected parts of South Sudan
The government of the world’s newest nation will face its most dire position since it has gained full independence last 2011. East Africa will suffer their worst food emergency state since the Somali famine due to missing two growing seasons and increasing prices on food fueled by interrupted supply lines.

Algeria’s Abdelaziz Bouteflika dies
Abdelaziz Bouteflika dubbed as the longest-serving president in Algerian history in poor health which gave us an impression of that the things on his country is not progressing. His death will leave the country an impact.

Eurasian Union slinks into the background.
A sinking ruble will convince Armenia will be convinced to delay its membership in the  Eurasian Customs Union. This will give US a chance to dangle the supply of sanctions relief in front of Belarus. Though, Ukrainian will still continue but the Eurasianism project will not be in full gear in 2015.

Afghanistan shows better results than expected
The peaceful transfer of power to the country's new president will benefit the country and produce good results that is more than we expected.

Jeremy Bender:

ISIS will turn into a more al Qaeda-like organization
 As ISIS slowly loses control in the Middle East, the group will be shifting their focus on terrorism abroad. The group won't give up without a fight so even if they lose their ground on the Middle East, they will surely call for help on their foreign supporters overseas.

Countries will again be compelled to intervene in Libya
Libya faced the wrath of ISIS that made them lose central authority. The numerous tension caused by two clashing government parties will result to more attacks and chaos which will lead to foreign countries to deploy troops for support once again.

Egypt and the UAE have already carried out airstrikes against Islamist targets in Libya. 
Libya's ongoing chaos poses a huge threat to the strength of its of neighboring countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, and Niger, this will prompt this countries to do something about it.

Egypt and the UAE will continue carrying out aerial operations.
Europe will be seen to be intervening as well in Libya's ongoing chaos. Since the chaos threatens its neighboring countries.

Pierre Bienaime:

Another airborne disaster intensifies tension between Russia and the rest of the world
2014 is a year of multiple aerial disasters that made huge headlines due to its different conspiracy theories. Most likely, The blame is on Russia and as long as there's no publicized reconciliation or agreement with its enemies, any airborne disasters will hugely build up more tension between Russia versus the rest of the world.

Obama and Turkey collaborates for a buffer zone in northern Syria. 
Obama's foreign policy toward the Middle East can be taken as overtures in the first quarter as a new beginning to the relationship between US and muslims, Second quarter shows selective support for some of the new movements. Third showed an indecision to the fate of civil wars in both Syria and Iraq.The fourth started with Iraqi special forces got trained by the US. That will pave way for a no-fly zone.


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