Cop Becomes A Hero For Staying With Lost Dogs Until Help Arrives

Nowadays, Crime and other misfortunes in life is too depressing that sometimes we lose our faith in humanity. We may come to a conclusion that we are living in a world filled with heartless people and there's no hope for a better change. But a viral video proves that there are still Good Samaritans all over the world that doesn't do goodwill just for attention or media mileage.

Kansas, A cop earned the respect of not only the locals but also everyone who have seen the picture of him showing his undeniable heroism and love to needy lost dogs. The Kansas cop was seen by a local stopping by to help the lost dogs named Bear and Leonidas brave the cold. The cop stopped and give the dogs company and needed warmth until help arrives. The local who have captured it on tape was so moved by the cop's gesture. The local decided to upload it to social media and responses all over the world was so overwhelming.

Fortunately, The lost dogs' owners were now reunited with them and expressed their sincerest gratitude to the cop who did not only helped their dogs but also give them love that they need for a brief moment in time.
“It’s good to know there are still police officers out there who still enjoy helping out the community, especially in helping out such sweet dogs.” - Austin, dog owner

Despite the attention and praises that the cop is receiving for his simple act of kindness, The cop refused to divulge his identity as he believes that he is only doing his task and that is to protect and serve not only the people but also the animals in need. This principle showed by the cop made him earned more respect instantly.



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